Fernando Torres//Your In Our Hearts// (HD)

this is purely my video, hope you like it! sub me plesae :) and comment if your an LFC FAN!…

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5 Responses to “Fernando Torres//Your In Our Hearts// (HD)”

  1. LFCompilationsHD says:

    you have to focus more on sync, when the beat hits there should be a move from torres, the beat of the music should go with whats on the screen

  2. rafaFTsack says:

    @LFCompilationsHD ok, im a begginer not a legend like you!

  3. rafaFTsack says:

    @MrTorresowns92 cheers m8!

  4. MrTorresowns92 says:

    Nice Vid :)

  5. rafaFTsack says:

    @SuperKopDude Thanks :) appreciate it :)

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