uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutegrip Bionk X-Change

Bionik frame technology is a close imitation of the human hand and finger tendons. It is a lightweight, flexible, impact distribution machine built into the …

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5 Responses to “uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutegrip Bionk X-Change”

  1. 44zetterberg says:

    @44zetterberg The worlds’ most qualified and authoritative reviews of keeper gloves, including this one, are available at Keeper Glove Insiders…

  2. Franklin Joe says:

    I prefer Reusch.

  3. sefer9 says:

    My high school coach bought me these gloves when i got them today he told me there worth 180 i was like you must be joking but i go online to see how much it cost and he was telling the truth i wouldn’t spend 180 on these gloves .the reason i think they cost so much is the finger spines but the padding is kind of thin so i dont think its gonna last very long grip is ok for the first use .last year he bought me the Sgt by Nike those where some gloves have amazing grip .

  4. lastofmykind8 says:

    your coach is awesome for buying you any gloves. haha but he shoulda gotten you this years sgts instead haha. 

  5. sefer9 says:

    To me no u can get better gloves for around 75 -120 $ coach got me these i only used them once .i think it cost alot because of the spines

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