Top 10 Hardest Freestyle Tricks Ever Seen!

This is just my opinion, so keep in mind! Tell me your opinion in a comment! *First song name is “Point Of No Return” IGNORARE TAGS: Freestyle Soccer 10Ronal…

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5 Responses to “Top 10 Hardest Freestyle Tricks Ever Seen!”

  1. amaganaz says:

    Number 3 was clearly the winner !

  2. Daniel Budd says:

    freaking amazing how is this possible he has god powers in soccer

  3. 10RonaldoC says:

    yes i uploaded it 3 years ago, so it´s old, so whats yours problem?

  4. gonzalo herrera says:

    this video is fukin old -_-

  5. Tarun Cheddy says:

    want the scorpian headstall really done by SKORA because these days i did see him doing this trick??…’s one of the hardest trick i guess..i think a very few freestylee, can do this…

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